About SSC

SSC International Inc.,is one of the largest and the leading Asian wine & beer importers in United States. We have been providing services to the vast majority of Asian population since 1985. We have also been carrying our own brand name under "Liang Chiu" series, "Hon-Biou" series.These are the established brands that are well know to US market.

SSC International Inc. is a well structured and organized company under a team of experienced business professionals. It offers a wide spectrum of products and channels that cover most of the major cities in the United States. Some of these channels are among the best known supermarkets chains in US, such as the 99 Ranch Supermarket, Hong Kong Supermarket, Hawaii Market, and Albertsons supermarket, etc. We also maintain an excellent relationship with many of the influential wholesalers and trading companies. For werving the local customers, we offer to provide door to door delivery servics directly to major restaurants.

SSC International Inc. has been growing steadily in the last 25 years, and our success derives from a fundamental principle. It has always been our focus to provide the best service to our customers and the company that we represent. This is to say that we systematically advertise the product that we represent in television and newspaper, carefully cater it to the targeted customers in each cultural and demographic region. We also very closely with nursing homes to promote Taiwan " Hon Biou" Michiu, and this further stretch our branch of services to many Asian communities. For local restaurants, we would provide professional make color table-stands and flyers to further advertise the product we represent deeper into our customer's hand. We are the service and market oriented company. 


A good mission statement backed by the proficient sales channels, in depth market studies, and good marketing strategies will lead a company to success. SSC International Inc, is a company that has a stron vision, back by an intense market research, and suppport by an aggressive marketing team.

The US census has indicated that the Asian population in the United States has increased from 6.9 million to 10.3 million in the last 10 years, and this is the largest ever Asian population assembled in the US history. With this additional 50% or 3.4 million Asian increased as a potential target customers, SSC International Inc. has developed a vision of taking our traditional Taiwan-made wines and wineries into the US market beyond the existing Taiwanese customers and into this ever-growing ethnic group. Our company is now aggressively seeking for alliance with domestic US sholesalers to fulfill this objective and the renewed image," Taiwan Michiu and Taiwan Beer", along with much fine-turned marketing strategies, proven and well structured sale-channels, better researches on government regulations and customer needs, so we can better promote them further beyond the already existing Taiwanese customer in the United States.

Goals and Objectives

One of the goals in initiating this vision is to further streamline all of the Taiwan-made Michiu and wineries into one specialized umbrella. SSC International, Inc is an umbrella where all the best traditional Taiwan made Michiu, rice cooking wine, beer, and other wine specialities come together. Our goal is also to assured our vendors and manufactures with proper structured hierarchy of sales channels. Thanks will guarantee their efficiency and maximize distribution of their brands and products. It is also our objective to work closely with these channels to insure and maintain proper inventory and exposure of these products.

It is important for all these links to work together to achieve these goals. With this general objective in mind, we are now ready to segment each link into a chronicle schedule and an identifiable marketing strategies and goals.