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Taiwan Beer

Taiwan Beer (namely, Taipei), previously named Takasago Malted Beer, is a beer brand sold by Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation. In 1945, it was renamed to " Taiwan Beer" and one of the top popular beer brands in Taiwan. 



History: At first, Taipei was firstly brewed by "Takasago Malted Beer Company" in 1920 when Taiwan was ruled by Japan. It was assigned to newly established Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Monopoly Bureau and was renamed to " The 2nd Winery of Taipei" after World 2 was over and The Republic of China government took over Taiwan. In 1975, it was renamed to " Jian Guo Beer Winery". Its original formula was made by German technician. It's a type of lager beer with unique flavor produced from the added Ponlai rice during brewing. It is mostly served cold with Taiwanese cuisine. Furthermore, Taiwan Beer has won numerous international awards including1977 international Monde Selection Award, 2002 The Brewing Industry International Award. 



Brewing Process: It may be including over 10 measures including soaking barley in water, malting, drying, saccharification, adding hops, fermenting with yeast, aging, mashing, bottling.........and it takes over 1 month or so to produce delicious beer. 



Beer Selection:


Taiwan Beer: Bottom fermenting beer, 6-pack with serving size (10.14 oz/bottle, 11oz/can) and large bottle (20.28 oz/bottle)

Alcohol: 5% vol

Ingredients: Fine quality malted barley, best selected beer hops, and top grade Pon Lai rice that produces different flavors and satisfies Asian people's taste the most.

Features: Traditional brewing technique, sweet flavor, unique taste, the best drink.


Taiwan Gold Medal Beer: Current 6 pack product with serving size ( 10.14 oz/ bottle, 11 oz/can) and larget bottle (20.28 oz./bottle)

Alcohol: 4.5% vol

Ingredients: Malted barley, superfine PonLai rice, German high ranking flavored beer hops, natural yeast.

Features: fresh and cool, sweet and mellow.






Tip 1: Taste beer-different styles of glassware reflect different serving effects!


        * Be sure to have glass ready for a visual enjoyment of the snow white frothy foams produced by golden cold beer!

        * Grease will result in uneven cooling degree and poor taste. It's highly recommend to clean glass with detergent or hot water and                  place it upside down on a dry towel.

        * If some foams are still remained in the glass, it shows that there is no oil stain. It means well done! For better taste effects, a cold and            frosty glass with beer can make taste more perfect.


Tip 2: 4 Tip to Judge good beer


         * Sound: Listen to the sound released by beer foams. It can make you feel so relaxed and carefree by listening to the sound released               at that moment when opening up beer bottle.

         * Color: Best beer features crystal clear golden color and soft and delicacy woven like snow. Beer foam can isolate air to preserve                 beer and reduce the bitterness incurred by oxidation before drinking.

         * Aroma: Drinking beer is like drinking red wine, it has a guidance to taste beer with the best enjoyment. Before drinking, you may                 smell unique beer-related flora and wheat aroma.

         * Taste: Good beer can preserve beer aroma in the mouth after drinking and leave you an unforgettablememory regardless of rich                   beer taste has slight bitterness or sweet taste with replapsing wheat flavor.


Tip 3: The volume of foam depends on the temperature


         * If beer is served at low temperature, there will have no foam. If it is served at the temperature too high, it will be full of foams and                 harm the enjoyment of the delicious taste of beer. 

         * In summer, it is best to serve beer at the temperature between 6-8 degree C. In winter, it is best to serve beer at the proper                           temperature between 10-12 degree C. The taste will be perfect if beer is placed in the refrigerator for 4 hours before drinking.


Tip 4: Pour beer and golden ratio 7:3


         * Place glass straight up without titling.

         * Pouring hastily without touching glass at first, then slowly. In the end, adjust the height of foams.

         * Foams can isolate air and preserve the best flavor of beer. The golden ratio for beer and foam is 7:3


Tip 5: Warm water is the best remedy when drowsiness strikes!

         * Before drinking, eat an egg fully cooked or semi-cooked which can prevent from drunkenness. Due to the protein of egg can form

            an protection in the stomach wall to slow down the absorbing speed of alcohol and decrease irritating stomach wall. But, when you 

            feel drunkenness, you should by all means stop drinking at once! At this moment, you may drink warm water to release drunkenness

            slowly because warm water can enhance perspiration, releasing alcohol. But, it will be too late if you drink wam water after you are

            so drunken.





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